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The Seeker is a demon and the main antagonist in 123 Slaughter Me Street 2. He makes his first appearance in Level 1: The Beginning, after beating Level 0.


The Seeker seems to be a larger, bulkier, and much more menacing version of the Follower from the first game. He has big gray horns on each side of his head, similar to that of a goat, and hardly has a neck. He also has goat-like ears. He has a larger and intimidating build and fluffy blue fur. He also has sharp, narrow, rotten yellow-gray teeth and exposed pink, slimy gums. His eyes appear black with red irises that glow yellow in the dark and a bit of burgundy as well as a blue ring of darker fur around his eyes. He also has huge, four-fingered hands and small hooves.

Weirdly enough, in the loading screen for Slaughter Me Street 2 the Seeker has blue eyes similar to the other puppets and demons. This oddity never shows up anywhere else in the game nor series, and it is also shared with the Greeter (Revenge).


The Seeker will wander around the house searching for the player. Once he sees the player, he will start running towards the player until the player is in a safe spot, or has escaped him and hid in a hiding spot or safe zone.

In the eighth level, along with the others, the Seeker's eyes glow yellow in the dark.


This article or section contain speculation, so please keep that in mind while reading.

As his name suggests, the Seeker wanders and searches around the whole house to find the player. From his artwork, the text was ironic to his name as it reads "YOU hide... ...I'll SEEK."

The Seeker may represent one of the family trio - being the father. His appearance may be the nod to Tim Denson himself as his daughter, who is about to get murdered by her own father, gets terrified and sees him as a monster (as suggested by the father's shadow during the game's opening intro). It could also represent the Officer chasing after Tim.


  • Originally, the Seeker along with the other demons would've had voices as stated by DAGames on a live stream. These were scrapped either because Will realized the voices wouldn't have fit in to the game or the development team didn't like the idea.
  • The Seeker's face from his original model looks flat rather than roundish.
    • From the official Facebook page for the series, the screenshot of his jumpscare look identical to his final build with the exception of his eyes looking "normal" with hazel-blue irises.
  • From one of the developer's videos where it features the Seeker's jumpscare while the game was under development, the Seeker's jumpscare looked very different with his sound incredibly loud, sounding more like a roar than a loud growl.
  • There is a rare glitch where the Seeker sometimes rotates away while attacking the player from the corner. The same thing also happens with The Greeter (Revenge).


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