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The Reporter is an unseen human character from 123 SIaughter Me Street. His voice can be only heard before the opening intro plays.


This just in, a Channel 12 exclusive report on the whereabouts of the missing Tim Denson. As many of you know, the once critically acclaimed Tim Denson was recently reported missing by his family after years of no contact it was believed he resided at the apartment complex on 123 Centerville Street. He is globally regarded as the father of these caused puppets, which is an outfit a puppeteer can wear and manipulate from within. When recently trying to contact him, his family had discovered the apartment complex was abandoned years ago. Tim's possessions were never claimed by his family and when the landlord closed the complex, he left everything as-is. abandoned, and forgotten. Some of the locals even say that his puppets walk the halls of the abandoned complex in search of their long last puppeteer to take them home with him. Anybody else is a target especially those with a questionable background. This of course, being an urban myth. As always, stay tuned to Channel 12's breaking news cover of this story. - 123 Slaughter Me Street.

Rich Landeraune here with a Channel 12 exclusive update following our Tim Denson story. The fable Tim Denson has been apprehended by law enforcement in the abandoned apartment complex on 123 Centerville Street, at this time there is one confirmed deceased individual at his home. Tim is the prime suspect and is currently in police custody awaiting psychiatric evaluation. Reports of drug abuse and their adverse effects have been suspect to the pure evil which has been witnessed here today. This just in, breaking news, I am getting confirmation from our producers that we have just received audio from an interview with Tim's family moments ago. You're about to hear it here first, an inside look, with Tim's family. "We are dumbfounded by learning a piece of morbid allegations. Tim has always been off the beaten path but would never do something heinous, we hope a fair investigation is pursued and Tim is ready for the worst possible outcome and final judgement." His family is at a true loss for words. Stay tuned for more updates and follow this story. - A segment from the teaser video titled SMS pt. III.

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