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The House is the main location in 123 Slaughter Me Street 2. It cannot be exited however, except by leaving through the exit door.


The House has 5 room's 2 Bedroom's, a Bathroom, a Living room, and a Kitchen. It seems to just be an ordinary house. The player has to avoid the puppets in the house by hiding in hiding spots and staying in safe areas.



The kitchen has a table with cabinets along the bottom, as well as a closet, the door to the basement, and two of the collectible coins(see the Coins article), The Waiter's and The Screamer's.


These bedrooms has a closet and a door leading to the bathrooms. In one of the closets, you can find The Nightmare's coin.


There is nothing significant about this bedroom, besides the fact that it obviously belongs to the daughter.

Living Room

The living room has a blue couch in front of a TV that sometimes shows The Nightmare, and sometimes shows old footage of a scary puppet pig. You can find The Greeter's coin and The Greeter (Revenge)'s coin.


Both bathrooms has a shower that you can hide in and a vent to crawl in and out of.


The backyard is full of trees and has a shed. If the player stays idle for too long, The Nightmare will fly out of the shed and kill the player. You can find The Follower's coin.

Puppet room

The puppet room is where the puppets were created. Large versions of the first game's puppets can be found here, inactive.


The vents are used to escape the puppets and go from room to room. Puppets cannot enter the vents.


This is where the car is. The car is one of the many hiding spots in the game. You can interact with the garage door as well as find The Hunter's coin.


The basement is packed with boxes. It has the entrance to the backyard and the puppet room. The Seeker's coin can be found here.


  • The mapping and design of the house has changed from it's beta version.
  • The House's furniture has changed from simplistic designs to more ornate ones.