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The tall skinny pink creature is the Greeter (Revenge) - much like her cousin, from SMS 1, she enjoys taking her time and hanging around dimly lit areas. She just wants to say hello.
— Description from the game's Steam page.

The Greeter (Revenge), Now known as the Stalker, previously known as the Greeter's Revenge is a demon and the secondary antagonist in 123 Slaughter Me Street 2. She first appears in Level 2.


The Stalker looks like an avian creature, much like the Greeter. However, she has a more grotesque body structure, which is extremely thin and slender. She sports less fur, with the only fur remaining wreathing her neck, and is similar to a vulture in appearance. Her beak is sharp and black in color. She has longer limbs and has small, reptilian yellow eyes. She also has black spikes on her forearms. Her eyes glow yellow in the dark like the other puppets in the game, but are otherwise black.it also looks like a flamingo

In the loading screen for Slaughter Me Street 2, however, Stalker has blue eyes, similar to the other puppets on the screen. This oddity never arises anywhere else in the game nor the series, and is only shared with the Seeker.


She works almost the same as the Seeker, but she will stick around one spot longer. She will wander around the house while searching for the player. Once she sees the player, she will start chasing them until they are in a safe spot or have escaped her and hidden.


This article or section contain speculation, so please keep that in mind while reading.

The Greeter (Revenge) may represent the mother as part of the trio family while the Seeker is representing the father and the Screamer represented as the parents' child.

She may represent Tim Denson's own wife, but nothing very much known about his wife. It is assumed that his wife was either deceased or divorced. As being called the "Revenge", if Tim's wife is really alive, it may be symbolic to the way his wife attempting to get her "revenge" on her own husband for killing their daughter.


  • Originally, the Greeter (Revenge) along with the other puppets would've had voices as stated by DAGames on a live stream.
  • This is the only puppet from the entire series to lack horns.
    • She is also one of the few puppets from the series with little to no fur but rather leathery skin except around her neck.
  • From her early model, her eyes are originally red instead of yellow.
    • In other behind the scenes shots of the model, she has blue "puppet" eyes, strangely enough like the other puppets in SMS 2's loading screen.
  • From the game's teaser artwork, her beak originally sported long sharp teeth.
  • It's suggested from puppets' description under the game's summary, that the Greeter (Revenge) and the other Greeter may be related to each other as the description describes her as a "Cousin" to her first game counterpart.
  • The Greeter (Revenge) could resemble to that of the Skeksis from the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal.
  • Her name was changed as revealed in the "Favorite mainline SMS antagonist?" poll on the official SMS subreddit. She is now called "The Stalker."


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