Turning around and using your light is important. Growls are good, remember that.
— Hint from Floor 7

"The Follower" is an antagonist and one of the Foggel Friends from 123 Slaughter Me Street. He first appears on the beginning level, Floor 7 and onwards.

The Follower also makes an appearance in 123 Slaughter Me Street 2. He, along with his two companions, is in lifeless state and is replaced by his newer companion, the Seeker.


The Follower is a furry, turquoise, humanoid-goat puppet that has brownish horns spiraling behind his head. He also has goat-like ears that are about the size of his eyes, as well as fangs with blood dripping from his mouth from the left side. He has fur like most of his counterparts. He has no fingers as his hands resemble mittens, as well as no toes.

In the first game, his eyes are black with white pupils and grey sockets. In the second game, however, his eyes are blue, along with the others.


The Follower's Jumpscare !Warning! Loud

The Follower's Jumpscare !Warning! Loud

The Follower has a much different mechanic than his other companions. He can only move without being watched. As the player moves up through the hallway, the Follower will appear. As the floor progresses, the player must check behind themselves to see if the Follower is lurking there. Once the player shines the flashlight, he will cover his eyes and lurch back, trembling in fear. Depending on how long the player stops to check on him, he'll quickly and quietly catch up and kill the player.
The Follower attacking the player.
Oh yeah remember,keep your light on in the stairs.
— Hint, after the player is killed by The Follower in stairs.

Also the player must not forget to keep the flashlight on in the stairs, or The Follower will ambush and kill the player.


The Follower represents the Police Officer that Tim Denson shot, hence the color blue (especially the color for some police uniforms) and the concept of him being "followed".

The reason why it makes sense for him to be called "the Follower" since he follows the player in the linear hallways of the abandoned building. It is also the way that the police chased after the criminal.


464723008 preview screenshot 2

An early version of the Follower.

  • The Follower was drastically changed throughout the development progress. These changes include:
    1. Having long fur on his Mock Uplook.
    2. Having black eyes with white glowing pupils.
    3. Having a gray-blue fur color.
  • The Follower may be based on the character Cookie Monster from the children's show Sesame Street.
  • There's an error where when close to the player, the Follower's arm will clip through one of the doorways.
  • The Follower was probably the first puppet to be modeled, since he was the first one shown and is called "Muppet 1" in the game files.


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