SMS: Evolutions

From the Stygian pits, we play, we fall. We welcome you now, to the end of it all.Tagline from the trailer of the game.

SMS: Evolutions is an indie survival horror game and a remake of the first installment of the 123 Slaughter Me Street series created by Nate Sanders. No release date has been announced as of now.


The game is a remake of the original game, with updated graphics and more characters. As seen in the trailer, the originally-scrapped Hunter makes an appearance, and the Nightmare seems to be a threat that will appear in the final level.


Like the original game, the player's goal is to survive and escape the abandoned apartment complex from the puppets, which lurk in the corridors. On each floor, the player must walk forward to reach the door in end of the hallway, which leads the player carefully down the stairs and completes the floor. The player can also use the flashlight to stun the puppets.

There are seven challenging floors and three puppets who have distinct behaviors. The hallway most notably has empty doorways directly to the left and right of the player. The player cannot walk backwards, but can check behind and look inside the doorways to check for puppets. Use of these actions consume the player's rusty flashlight; If the player walks through a darkened stairs without using the flashlight, the Follower will appear out of nowhere and attack the player.


  • The original trailer features the Nightmare and the Hunter with a more prominent role in the gameplay compared to the game Evolutions is remaking as active antagonists.
    • This marks possibly the first time the Hunter has actually been seen in gameplay as a antagonist compared to being referenced on the "Foggel Friends" poster or as a collectable coin in SMS 2.
    • This also gives the Nightmare possibly a more antagonistic role than his appearance in the first game where the puppet simply appeared at the end of a cutscene in the original SMS.
    • Interestingly enough, also featured in the trailer was a Pink Follower. This is likely an easter egg similar to Slaughter Me Street Retro.
  • During development, at some point after the first trailer showing off the gameplay and characters, the puppet's models were scrapped and replaced with newer models that redesigned the puppets.
    • Some of these models can be seen being rigged by Addison Debolt on Twitch.
    • It was also here that the puppets were given names: Wollof (Follower), Egret (Greeter), Walter (Waiter), Henry (Hunter), and Gomez (pressumably a Nightmare spawn).
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