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The Retro Nightmare is the 8-bit counterpart to the Nightmare, and the "boss" puppet in 123 Slaughter Me Street Retro.


The Retro Nightmare has two large white horns like his normal version and orange fur.

His eyes are white, his nose is pink and he is shaped slightly like a bat.


The Retro Nightmare will fly around occasionally spawning smaller versions of himself, and swooping down on the player. The player must shine their flashlight on them or they will barge them, otherwise they will fly to the side of the screen and begin to fly around again, repeating the process.

The smaller version

Unlike the other puppets in 123 Slaughter Me Street Retro, he has to have the torch shone on him multiple times before he retreats completely.


  • He is the only puppet in 123 Slaughter Me Street Retro who can spawn other puppets, the only puppet who can fly, and the only puppet who requires the flashlight to be shone on him more than once before he retreats.
  • He can be considered the "boss" in 123 Slaughter Me Street Retro as he is the hardest enemy in the game.