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123 Slaughter Me Street


Tim on top of Studio


Tim being hunted down by police

An escaped criminal was being chased by the police. After shooting and killing one of the cops and a guard dog, he escaped into a neighborhood and tried to find a place to hide. The criminal broke into a house and was sneaking around and decided to steal anything that could be valuable. He was about to leave the property when he tripped over a rocking horse, triggering a little girl to wake up. Upon the girl seeing him she screamed, and he beat her to death with a crowbar. He ran away, and the police closed in on him. He climbed an old fire escape and stood atop the apartment complex. A cop then shot him in the chest, and he plummeted through the glass roof and fell into the darkness. Thus our game begins. We are in a personal hell, our character was shot by the police before the escape after falling into the building, rendering him slower. In the game we play as the criminal working his way through the abandoned complex and trying to find the exit at the end of the torture. Each of the puppets represent a fear or resentment that we had in life, namely being the victims of the crimes. The relics are things from the outside that are evidence. After the Criminal makes it to the bottom floor, the building mysteriously catches fire.

123 Slaughter Me Street 2

Tim Denson

Years before the first game, Tim Denson created the puppets for the TV show "The Foggel Friends". After the show rejected many of his characters, it drove him into depression.

The Nightmare came to life because he was a demonic entity, possibly summoned by Tim in a deal to make the show successful, that felt disrespected by the way Tim represented him with the puppet.

He drove Tim to kill his daughter, and then commanded the puppets to come alive and kill Tim. The player's identity is debated, but the player must escape the house while trying to find relics and hiding from the puppets. It is revealed that the criminal from the first game was Tim Denson.


  • Some people think that Tim Denson died when he was shot, and the game is set in purgatory. Whether or not this is true is still up for debate.