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"A new character has entered the game. He's everyone's favorite Pig! You remember his cooking show as a kid, right? P. Piggly Wiggles Bacon Buddies Fry Time? No? Well, he seems to have gotten angry throughout the years... and... well... alive..."
— Odd stories wrapped in plastic (123 Slaughter me street channel)

"Mr.Pig", better known as "Demon Mr.Pig", is a pig-like puppet monster that would appear in 123 Slaughter Me Street 3, as a antagonist of the game. He is also assumed to be a demonic variant of the regular puppet known as Mr. Pig, who has curiously never appeared anywhere in the series.


His normal self, without wearing his masquerade, is unknown. In this version, he is a orange pig-based puppet with a blue nose wearing a chef's hat, a jacket, a pair of gloves, and a polka-dotted bow tie.

A sketch of this character made by John Kolbek (depicted below in the trivia), shows him with a much more sinister appearance, having his face covered by some warts, soulless black eyes, and a mouth possessing canine fangs.


Mr Pig.png

It is currently unknown how he would have behaved in the game, Although with the mask he could function similarly to the other demons where you'd have to knock the mask away but this is not confirmed.


  • Mr. Pig is most likely based on the character that appear in the silent French 1900's film The Dancing Pig, which is seen from the TV in the second game. Both are pigs, wear similar clothing, and have canine fangs (as seen where the pig character laughing at the end of the short film).
  • Mr. Pig's appearance may be based off Porky Pig from the popular Looney Tunes.
  • Mr. Pig is the second character in the franchise that is not a version of the characters from the first game, with the first being The Screamer.
  • Mr. Pig was introduced in the 2nd teaser for 123 Slaughter me Street 3 that came out on the official Slaughter Me Street Youtube Channel.
  • John Kolbek might have gotten inspired to make Mr. Pig by the pig boss at the end of one of his old games, called Cartoon Hell.


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