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Level 8: Darkness is a level in the game 123 Slaughter Me Street 2


In this level, the Seeker, the Greeter (Revenge) and the Screamer are active. The puppet's eyes glow yellow for some odd reason.


Parlor from Level 8

The lights have all gone out, leaving the player in darkness. The only way to really see what's going on is to turn on your flashlight. The Nightmare starts appearing.

The Greeter lies on the ground of the closet in the Girly Bedroom and The Waiter sits on the bed in the Girly Bedroom.


Even though the Objective can appear anywhere in the house, I'd suggest hiding in the downstairs bathroom, the closet in the kitchen, and then behind the washing machine in the washroom. From what I've seen, the Objective will appear upstairs or in the basement. - PlushTube678



The title may symbolize Tim Denson's descent into Hell, Nothing but darkness.---- This article or section contain speculation, so please keep that in mind while reading.