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The Seeker,the Greeter (Revenge), and the Screamer are all active in this level, except that their A.Is are 10% higher than Level 5: Flashing Screams.


The Follower, The Greeter, and The Waiter's lifeless bodies can be found in the Workshop.


Nothing interesting about the level itself, except that after completing it, the Nightmare appears and says the following lines:

"Brought up, you did, in Mulciber-mind... from the Stygian pit, a darker kind..."

-The Nightmare, Level 6


This article or section contain speculation, so please keep that in mind while reading.

Something interesting to note is that the Nightmare involved Roman and possibly Greek mythology in his second poetic rhyme in the game. Stygian normally refers to two things: the Styx River and something being very dark. If the Nightmare is referring to the Styx River, then we can say that Tim is in purgatory, since the Styx River is located between Earth and the Underworld, or "Hades." In the case of dying and being reborn in the afterlife, Tim is in between heaven and Hades, just like the Styx River.