Level 1: The Beginning

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The Beginning Level 1.

Level 1 is the first playable level in 123 Slaughter Me Street 2. This level is considerably easier than the other levels.


SMS 2 Seeker.jpg
The Seeker
This level introduces the Seeker.


This level is an introduction of sorts for the rest of the game.

The Follower, The Greeter, and The Waiter's lifeless bodies are all found in the Workshop.


The player could easily find a hiding spot or safe spot before the hiding phase because there's only one puppet that can search for the player. If the Seeker sees them, the player should hide very quickly, then wait one second until the Seeker walks away. After the hiding phase, the player should find the objective and return to the front door. This will allow the player to avoid death with relative ease.

The most simple strategy to beating the first level revolves around easily evading the Seeker, while not being spotted. This strategy is most likely to succeed since the Seeker will search in any room or outside of the house.


The player should be aware that the Seeker will check the closet, doors, and spots. This will take effect on the other levels.

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