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John Kolbek is the creator and co-developer of the 123 Slaughter Me Street series, the other co-developer being Nathan Sanders. He previously worked for Impulse Game Studios, but has since been working on Odd Stories for Odd Children (Now Called Odd Stories Wrapped in Plastic), a YouTube channel based around original characters and puppets.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnkolbek

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/johnkolbek


  • In Odd Stories for Odd Children (Now called Odd Stories Wrapped in Plastic) There were a few appearances of characters from the Slaughter me Street series, Most notably The Follower and Greeter appearing as actual puppets. However their appearances was mostly as minor characters with no real link to the Slaughter Me Street series and the characters only appeared in a few videos.
    • The Nightmare Also appeared as a 3D model but was only seen a couple of times including the video where the Slaughter me Street characters were introduced and both Songs based on the characters in the game.
      • The Same occurred with what can be speculated as the Demons that would appear in SMS 3, Although all the models used are now updated and thus deemed unofficial. These characters Included Demon Follower, Demon Greeter, Demon Waiter, Demon Hunter, and to a degree Mr. Pig.
    • There were also some videos that shown Tim Denson, a set of videos in particular were called "The Lonely Madness of Tim Denson" that featured him.
      • The Videos and skits themselves are Not affiliated with IGS nor Nate Sanders thus rendering all appearances to be largely non canonical and not official to the series itself.