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A teaser for the first game, featuring (from left to right) the Greeter, Follower, and the scrapped Hunter.

The Poster in the first game. It notably has the portion that would contain the Hunter torn off.

Foggle Friends is the fictional children's TV puppet show created by Tim Denson as well as main antagonists of the 123 Slaughter Me Street series. The suits used for the puppets are seen and act as the main threat in the first Slaughter Me Street, however any other reference to the show itself has yet to be seen outside of the poster. The Poster for the show features the Follower (Wollof), Greeter (Egret), and Hunter (Henry), despite the latter (Hunter) never appearing in the games until SMS: Evolutions.

In the first game, the puppets consist of the three: the Follower, the Greeter, and the Waiter.

In the second game, the puppets from the first game are in a lifeless state as they are largely replaced by much more intimidating demons that ressemble some of the puppets: the Seeker, the Greeter (Revenge), and a new character called the Screamer along with an additional, mysterious demon named the Nightmare, who has possibly orchestrated the entire sequence of events that led to the puppets wanting revenge on Denson.

In Evolutions, much like the 1st game, The known puppet antagonists are Wollof, Egret, and Walter (Follower, Greeter, and Walter), with the addition of Henry and Gomez (Hunter, and supposidly a small Nightmare spawn). The designs for the characters now more resemble actual puppets with most of the characters appearing more like costumes, clearly showing that these puppets are likely the characters used for Foggel Friends.

Supposedly in the 3rd game, A lot of the cast would reappear again as demons Including an new character called "Mr. Pig" and the return of Screamer and The Nightmare (Albeit with a different model for the latter). The Follower, Greeter, Waiter, and Hunter would have gotten Demonic counterparts, However the mock up models that were seen and used for them are out of date. Due to the Status of SMS 3, a lot could be changed when it does eventually release. It should be noted that their appearances from Odd Stories are non cannon as the show was not associated with IGS.


  • The Foggel Friends poster seen in SMS 2, Note that the Hunter is seen despite not making an antagonistic appearance at this point.

    All puppets and the show is clearly based off of the real world Jim Henson's characters from both Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.
  • The Snuffleupagus-based puppet, the Hunter, is scrapped from both games due to budget or time constants, but was speculated to appear in the third game or the second game's next update/DLC, as suggested by his wire-framed model from the end of one of the developer's videos on YouTube.
    • Weirdly enough the Hunter still appeared on the Foggel Friends poster in SMS 2 despite this, possibly suggesting that the character has a role in the show.
  • These forms of the puppets were never shown in the game, only through the poster in SMS.
  • The names for The Follower, Greeter, and Waiter were revealed in a "Favorite mainline SMS antagonist?" poll on the official SMS subreddit. The names are Wollof, Egret, and Walter respectively.
    • On Twitch streams rigging characters for SMS: Evolutions The names for the Puppet based on the Nightmare and Hunter were revealed as Gomez and Henry respectively.
    • Some names are plays on their functions, Wollof is follow backwards, Egret is one letter different from "Greet" as well as a species of bird and Walter simply replaces the "i" with an "l".