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Turning around and using your light is important. Growls are good, remember that.
— Hint.

Floor 7 is the seventh playable floor of 123 Slaughter Me Street. Compared to the later floors, this floor is relatively easy and introduces only one puppet, the Follower. This floor isn't problematic for an unsuspecting surprise if the Follower starts to follow the player. The rocking horse can be found on this floor.

The Rocking Horse


Just Check Behind

A rather simple strategy can be used more successfully on this floor compared to the other floors: that is to simply look behind and continue down the hallway. If the Follower begins to follow, the player must look behind, shine their light at him, and continue towards the end of the hallway. Another strategy is to not look back and walk towards the door in the end of the hallway. When the player is automatically walking down the stairs, keep the light on because there is a rare chance that the Follower will kill the player in the stairs.

The Follower attacking the player..gif


The player should check behind if the Follower lurks there, It is very important to listen to the sound of his footsteps as he's getting closer to the player.