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Approach each door with caution, very slowly.
— Hint.

Floor 6 is the sixth playable floor of 123 Slaughter Me Street. This floor immediately is easy, as the Greeter, who is introduced in this floor. The Follower won't appear on this floor but he still attacks the player if they didn't keep their light on in the stairs. The crowbar relic can be found in the straight hallway.



Just Walk Slowly

This strategy can work for this floor too, but be very careful, as The Greeter can peek out from doorways and blocks the player's path. She will not move there unless the player shines the flashlight at her, causing ward off the doorway. The player could walk very slowly as they nearing the end of the hallway, should they stop when the Greeter peeks again.


The player will notice that the Follower won't appear on his floor but it is important that the player must keep the flashlight on in the stairs to make sure that he won't attack before completing the floor.