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And now there are two, a familiar friend and someone new.
— Text.

Floor 5 is the third playable floor of 123 Slaughter Me Street. This floor immediately starts increasing the difficulty and aside from a notably quicker time, the Follower and the Greeter both appear on this floor. The crowbar can be found on this floor as well.

The crowbar


There is a method of surviving on Floor 5, where the player must pay attention on the Greeter and the Follower. There is common strategy for Floor 5 is for the player to simply do this in the correct order:

  1. Check the Follower, as he starts following the player from behind.
  2. Walk very slowly towards to the end of the hallway for the Greeter.
  3. Repeat.


Walk slowly and check when the Greeter peeks out from the doorway from the first doorway where she's at, then start checking the Follower.

Checking only the Follower and walk very slowly when the Greeter peeking out from the doorway can make the floor easier for the player, the Follower will not move as long as the player keeps checking him and the Greeter, the player simply stop and shined at her will retreat from the doorway.