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Someone new has come to play, listen closely by way.
— Hint.

Floor 4 is the fourth playable floor of 123 Slaughter Me Street. During this floor, the game becomes much more difficult, as the Follower and the Greeter become a bit more aggressive. The Waiter is introduced on this floor. The player must listen carefully for his growls. The dollhouse can be found on this floor.


The Dollhouse


Listen Carefully

This floor is very similar to Floor 5, but the player must also take into account that the Waiter appears on this floor. He's hiding inside the doorways waiting for the player to walk by, which could be a problem since the Greeter and the Follower both appear on this floor. The Follower may appear until the player is on the halfway to end of the hallway. The most common strategy for Floor 4 is for the player to simply

The Waiter

do this in the correct order:

  1. Walk very slowly and be careful when the Greeter is peeking out.
  2. If a growl is heard, check the doorway, in which the Waiter is hiding.
  3. Check the Follower.
  4. Repeat.


The Waiter will start on this floor, so think twice as he hides inside the doorway. He can kill the player if they're not careful enough to listen his growls.