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Floor 1 is the seventh and final playable floor of 123 Slaughter Me Street. Upon the beginning Floor 1, the player will hear dark laughter in the background and this floor can be extremely difficult, even if the player has considerable level of skill, as all of the puppets appears on this floor at high difficulty. The ending cutscene showing a new character named the Nightmare who is also in 123 Slaughter Me Street 2. The storybook can be found on this floor.


Follow, Greet, Wait, Repeat

The most common strategy for this floor is for the player to simply do this in the correct order:

  1. Walk very slowly.
  2. Wait until the Greeter is peeking out.
  3. Listen closely to the Waiter's growls.
  4. Check behind if the Follower lurks there.
  5. Repeat.

There's another strategy to stay alive against the Follower before having looking behind, which the player must deal with the Waiter and the Greeter.


Being that the puppets appears on this floor, it tends to be very easy to shine at the Greeter and the Waiter first, then the Follower.

Completing Floor 1


Upon completion of Floor 1, a cut scene shows the apartment complex is with flames surrounding and burning everything inside. After that, the Follower, the Greeter, and the Waiter walk slowly toward to the view getting closer and the cut scene ends.