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"Demon Waiter" is a demonic variant of the regular Waiter that could appear in 123 Slaughter Me Street 3. Although, his concept art was never revealed.

He only appears in the Greeter song, now known as "Futures past" where an unused model of him walks by along with the other demons, albeit in the dark so not a lot of details cold be seen.


It is unknown how he would have behaved in-game, though it could be assumed that due to the Mask he would function similarly with the other demons in some form.


  • Demon Waiter is the only character from 123 Slaughter Me Street 3 to not have his colors officially shown, as his only appearance in "Futures Past" doesn't give much in terms of color due to lighting, unlike the other demon characters.
  • The unused models made for Demon Waiter, Demon Follower and Demon Greeter were made as mock ups and not intended to be cannon nor official, Only to show up occasionally in videos on Odd Stories Wrapped in Plastic.
    • Due to the videos from Odd Stories Wrapped in Plastic not being associated with IGS nor Nate Sanders, His appearances are not connected to the possible game.


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