"'Demon Follower" is a demonic variant of the regular Follower that will appear in 123 Slaughter Me Street 3. He is seen in a now deleted video called "What 123 Slaughter Me Street 3 Could've Been" and a video called "The Greeter's Song!!!" which has a blurry 3D model, similar to the artwork.


His appearance is very similar to his appearance in the first game, but he has sharper, narrower yellow teeth and straight white horns. His left horn has a chip missing. He also has a round nose that he didn't have in the previous games. He holds a mask on a stick resembling the Follower in the first game. His fur looks blue and more raggedy and looks similar to The Seeker's.


Demon Follower's behavior is very similar to the first game, simply following behind and being deterred by the flashlight. His mask can also be knocked off.


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