Deaths are one of the mechanics for the 123 Slaughter Me Street series.

123 Slaughter Me Street


The Follower

The Follower will attack the player if they haven't check on him nor keep their flashlight on while walking down the stairs.


The Greeter

If the player wasn't careful enough to check on the Greeter and lets her contact the player while peeking out from the doorway, she'll immediately attack them.


The Waiter

If the player hasn't check on the Waiter carefully nor hear his growls, he'll quickly attack the player.

123 Slaughter Me Street 2


The Seeker

The Seeker will attack you if he sees you.

The Greeter (Revenge)


The Greeter (Revenge) will attack you if she sees you. She behaves almost identically to the Seeker.

The Screamer

The Screamer will not really care if he sees you but he might chase you. He will scream, attracting the other more dangerous puppets.

The Nightmare

The Nightmare will come out of the shed and kill you if you stand by the shed.

123 Slaughter Me Street Retro

The player will be killed upon getting direct contact with one of the puppets. Unlike the other installments, this game does not feature jumpscares.