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Coins are collectibles exclusive in 123 Slaughter Me Street 2. There are at least eight coins scattered inside the House.

Each coin is printed with illustrations of the puppets from all of the 123 Slaughter Me Street games, and including the scrapped Hunter as well. It is speculated to appear in the third game. The Colors of the coins appear to mostly be based off the colors of the puppets and demons (Ie: Nightmare being red, Greeter and Stalker being pink, Follower and Seeker being blue, Etc.). The coins will have a use in the future update.


  • Garage - The Hunter's coin is located on the third table from the second shelf. The coin is yellow.
  • Parlor- The Greeter's coin is located on the second shelf in the dresser. The coin is light pink.
  • Kitchen- The Waiter's coin is in the lower cupboards second to the right. The coin is lime green.

    The Nightmare's coin

  • Outside- The Follower's coin is located on one of the lawn chairs. The coin is blue.
  • Upstairs Closet in Room - The Nightmare's coin is in a little safe hidden around the corner in the closet. The coin is red.
  • Parlor- The Greeter (Revenge)'s coin is located on the bottom right shelf in the armoire in the opposite corner from the television. The coin is pink.
  • Basement- The Seeker's coin is located on one of the shelves in the basement. The coin is light blue.
  • Kitchen- The Screamer's coin is in the rightmost cabinet in the middle table. The coin is brown.