123 Slaughter Me Street 3 is an upcoming indie survival horror game that will be created by Impulse Game Studios. It will be the third game of the 123 Slaughter Me Street series, and the sequel to the first game, It is supposedly the final game in the series.

The game was cancelled on early 2017. But on the 5th of July, John released a video on the Slaughter Me Street channel that they are working on it.


The game would start with Tim Denson in a mental asylum, he would hear the people in the asylum get murdered. He would then escape into a city. You would need to whip items such as a soda can to knock off the puppet's masquerade masks to either flee or attack the puppets with your flashlight.

All that is currently known about the new mechanics is the player must be cautious when near a tree, or else the Demon Greeter will attack them. The player should also pay attention behind them, in case the Demon Follower is there.

Demon Greeter


  • The Hunter has been rumored to make his appearance in this game.
  • The game was originally cancelled in development. Recently on the Slaughter Me Street channel, however, John Kolbek released a video that confirmed that they will be making 123 Slaughter Me Street 3.
  • A video was released on the Impulse Game Studios channel showing on what appears to be a very short trailer of 123 Slaughter Me Street 3.
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