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123 Slaughter Me Street 3 is an upcoming indie survival horror game that will be created by Impulse Game Studios. It will be the third game of the 123 Slaughter Me Street series, and the sequel to the first game, It is possibly the last game in the main series, not including evolutions or retro.

On the 5th of July, John released a video on the Slaughter Me Street channel saying that they are officially working on it. Although, the video is now private and the project itself is put on the back burner but wasn't cancelled.


The game would start with Tim Denson in a mental asylum, he would hear the people in the asylum get murdered. He would then escape into a city. You would need to whip items such as a soda can to knock off the puppet's masquerade masks to either flee or attack the puppets with your flashlight.


  • On what is now known as Odd Stories Wrapped in Plastic, John Kolbek released a video that confirmed that they will be making 123 Slaughter Me Street 3.
    • Although most most videos regarding SMS 3 were privated or removed, Most of what could be gleamed was early mock up designs of the Demons that would be in the game. This included concept art of what the demons would look like, teasers that show old and new characters such as Screamer making a return and Mr. Pig, a character that would have been new to the series.
    • These designs show up in two instances outside of pure teasers, The Greeter's song (Now called Futures past) and The Follower's song (Now called The Nightmare).
      • Of these characters Demon Follower, Demon Greeter, Demon Waiter and even a Demon Hunter is shown in what appear to be early models that have been confirmed to be outdated. Although it should be noted that the appearance of these characters in Odd Stories Wrapped in Plastic are largely non cannon nor official as it's not associated with IGS.
  • A video was released on the Impulse Game Studios channel showing on what appears to be a very short trailer of 123 Slaughter Me Street 3.
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